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You may have beautiful and straight teeth regardless of your age. Studies claim that people with attractive smile are more likely to find a job and are considered more intelligent. Modern orthodontics enables us to get straight teeth by means of fixed appliances (metal, golden or clear),


Thanks to this technique you may have a beautiful smile even when you lose a tooth. Dental implants enable us not only to restore esthetics, but also functionality to chew and speak properly. Brand new technologies make it possible to place an implant just after the extraction of the tooth.


The way to create a pretty and radiant smile requires additional procedures, not only to get beautiful teeth, but also healthy gums and jaw bones. Periodontal surgery, by procedures such as crown lenghtening or coverage of exposed roots ensures that your smile will…


Dental procedures requires absolute precision. The inside of the tooth is a complex canal system, whereas gums are paper thin in some places. Dental microscope helps the dentist to perform   the treatment meticulously and also more effectively. Surgical, endodontic or prosthodontic…