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You may have beautiful and straight teeth regardless of your age. Studies claim that people with attractive smile are more likely to find a job and are considered more intelligent. Modern orthodontics enables us to get straight teeth by means of fixed appliances (metal, golden or clear), transparent aligners or invisible lingual braces. Every person is unique, which is why the orthodontist should prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient. Whether you choose fixed braces, lingual appliance or aligners – your orthodontist is the most crucial choice, so make sure they are specialists you can trust to take proper care of your teeth.

Early treatment for children aged 7-11

It is crucial to diagnose malocclusion early enough for the optimalum outcome of the treatment, especially in case of faciale asymmetry or disharmony, as well as lack of space for permanent teeth. Orthopedic treatment is conducted in order to solve any problems with facial and upper/lower jaws. This kind of treatment is special, as it may divert the growth of the jaws according to the nature of the problem. There is a full range of available appliances for the early treatment.
For example maxillary expanders (Hyrax, Qhelix) correct narrow upper arch. Face mask treats hypoplasia of the upper jaw, Twin block accellerates growth of the lower jaw. Partial fixed appliances could be used when children have problems with asymmetrical eruption of permanent teeth.

Treatment for teenagers aged 11-18

Teenagers often need orthodontic treatment in order to have harmonious facial features and a beautiful smile. Deciduous teeth are replaced by permanent teeth around the age of 11-13, which is often the perfect timing for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic problems become more severe when time goes by, which is why it is essential to correct them early enough. By choosing the right type of the braces, we can easily get satisfactory results, better appearance and function. Most teens choose metal brackets with colourful ligatures, which makes the braces look more cheerful. When we become adults, facial bones and jaws are fully developed, so orthodontic problems are more difficult to deal with.
Orthodontic treatment will eventually give you the smile you will be proud of for your whole life!

Orthodontic treatment for adults aged 18-65+

Nowadays people at any age crave for beautiful teeth. Brand new technologies enable us to have a beautiful smile regardless of the age. Never before has there been such a variety of means to straighten the teeth. Adults can be offered a discreete, esthetic treatment such as ceramic (clear) braces, lingual appliances or Invisalign aligners. There are many reasons why a grown-up person may need the treatment. One of them concerns gingival problems that may lead to the drift of the teeth. Losing teeth results in the necessity to replace them with implants, however in some cases the space for the implant must be restored by orthodontic treatment. Most of the adult patients simply desire to have a beautiful smile. Age should not be an obstacle to achieve the smile we want, so everyone has a chance to have it, gaining selfconfidence and well-being!

  • Metal Brackets
  • Golden Brackets
  • Esthetic Brackets

Lingual brackets


Plan your appointment

During our first appointment we will get to know each other and you will tell me about your problem. I will do a thorough dental examination, take photographs, and dental assistant will make the scan or take impressions of your teeth. You will be asked to take some dental x-rays. In case you had some x-rays taken during the recent year, please take them with you.

When I have collected all the data I needed to analyse your problem, I will prepare an individual, precise Treatment Plan and we will discuss it during the second visit. After talking about all the details and your decision you will choose the ideal/best/most convenient device for you and we will start the treatment. A dental hygienist will clean your teeth, and during the following visit we will fix (or give you) the braces and we will start your journey to the smile you dream of… congratulations!

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